Lake St. Clair

A simple drive or walk along Lake Shore on an early summer morning is testimony enough of the importance of Lake St. Clair to the Grosse Pointe Farms community.  From the countless number of swimmers, boaters, and fishermen, to the joggers catching a glimpse of the beautiful scenery, Lake St. Clair provides an endless recreational opportunity to the residents of Grosse Pointe Farms.

As a commercial waterway, Lake St. Clair is a vital link to the world for the distribution of the invaluable natural resources of Michigan and Canada providing an anchor to the economical influence in the region.  Waterborne commerce exceeds 60 million shipping tons per year; of which nearly 40 million originates in Michigan and includes iron ore, limestone, coal, and grain.  

Lake St. Clair is home to countless species of fish, water-fowl and plant life, most importantly, Lake St. Clair is the source of Grosse Pointe Farms' drinking water and the more than 4 million other residents of southeast Michigan and Canada.

Farms residents have a wonderful point of access to the lake through our Farms Pier Park.  The "Pier," as it is commonly called can be considered the jewel of the City.  Not only does it provide access for stunning panoramic views, it includes a large picnic area, swimming in a lake-front pool, beach, beautiful new marina and a first class recreation building suitable for large gatherings and parties.  To the south lie two spectacular additions to lake access in the Crescent Sail, the Harbor Hill Resident Association's Park, and The Grosse Pointe Club or "The Little Club." These private clubs help establish Grosse Pointe Farms as a uniquely beautiful and desirable community.

As we use the lake for both active and passive recreational enjoyment, we must take responsibility to do what we can to protect this precious natural resource. If you are a boater, you already know that Lake St. Clair is a relatively shallow lake. Averaging only 10 foot in depth with many areas as low as 3 feet, requires periodic dredging.  This shallow depth makes it vulnerable to outside unnatural influences.

Grosse Pointe Farms actively participates in the Clinton River Watershed Council as one of the communities in the Lake St. Clair Direct Drainage Sub-watershed. As evidenced with improved water quality and vibrant habitat, we have made great progress in meeting our early goals. The Watershed Council is a consortium of Cities, Townships, Counties, School Districts, and other environmental interests that directly contribute to the water quality of Lake St. Clair.  Along with these other organizations, we must continue to strive for the highest quality of water for our continued use and for future generations. For additional information on how you can help reduce the impact we have on the lake, please visit the Clinton River Watershed Council.