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MLK Jr. Day

City Hall and Municipal Court will be closed in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, January 18, 2021. Rubbish, yard waste and recycling will remain on their normal schedule all week.

Grosse Pointe Farms

Q. What is the Size and Population of Grosse Pointe Farms?
A: According to the 2010 census, the City is 2.7 square miles and has 9,479 residents


Q: How often will I receive a water bill?
A: Bills are issued every two months. There will be six bills generated a year.

Q: Why is my water bill so high?
A: Several factors can contribute to high water bills: High usage is the most common reason. Leaks in the residence, usually from running toilets or sprinkler systems account for the majority of high usages.

Our water meters have a leak detector built into them.

There is a red triangle located on the top of the meter which will spin around in a circle if water is being used. This can be monitored by a resident and can prove to be very helpful in determining if they have a leak occurring.

Seasonal lawn watering is the second reason for high bills. Billings typically are higher during irrigation months and are lower during the colder months. Often residents are not aware of the amount of water they are using on their lawns.

Billing rates are another determining factor in the reason bills might be high. Rates are reviewed and established on a yearly basis. Set rates are approved for each of the billing items that appear on the water bill. These rates are then calculated against the usage in order to determine the amount charged for each item.

Q: I have yellow or "rusty" water. Is it safe?
A: Yes, the water is safe. The yellow, or as it is sometimes referred to as "rusty" water, is actually iron sediment which is naturally present in the water mains. Whenever there is a change in the pressure flow of the water throughout the distribution system, the iron is stirred up and presents the yellow coloring. Water main breaks or use of fire hydrants can cause this to occur. If you notice rusty water, we recommend that you open your cold water line in your basement laundry tub and let is run until the water is clear. It sometimes helps to flush the toilet while the cold water line is open. This process will remove the discolored water from the home. Avoid running the hot water if the cold water is discolored. This will prevent filling your hot water tank with discolored water.

Homestead Exemption

Q. By what date do I need to occupy a home in order to receive the homestead exemption?
A. If you occupy a home on May 1st, you are most likely eligible to receive the non-homestead exemption. If you occupy the home after May 1st, the homestead exemption will not be applied until the Following year. You can download the form from our "downloads" section.


Q. Where do I register to vote?
A. Residents may register to vote in person with the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall or at any Secretary of State office in Michigan. The deadline for voter registration for an election is 30 days prior to the election. In order to vote in GPF, you must be a citizen of the United States, 18 years of age, a resident of Michigan for at least 30 days and registered in GPF.

Pier Park

Q. How do I get into the Farms Pier Lakefront Park?
A. Pier Park entry requires a valid park pass (renewed annually by January 1st). An applications needs to be completed and returned to Pier Park or City Hall to be recorded and validated prior to a park pass being issued.


Q. Where do I report that my streetlights are out?

A. Streetlights are owned and maintained by DTE (formerly Detroit Edison) and should be reported to DTE at 1-800-477-4747, however, we ask that you also report street light outages to our Public Safety Department 885-2100 so they can send a separate facsimile notification to DTE