Important Information

Leaf Collection Ending

Leaf collection will be ending between December 1st-7th depending on your scheduled rubbish collection day. Find your end date here.

Public Safety Department at 313-885-2100

Kind Call
Contact the Department of Public Safety for "Kind Call," a daily contact program for the elderly and/or the infirmed. For more information about this program, contact the Public Safety Department at 313-885-2100.

Alarm Licenses
Alarm licenses are available at the Public Safety Department. Contact the Public Safety Department for fee schedule and set up. Ext. 2101.

Fingerprinting for non-criminal clearances are provided to Grosse Pointe Farms residents through the detective bureau by appointment only. There will be a service charge from $5 to $60 per fingerprint card. Ext. 1212/1213.

Permits to Purchase Hand Guns
Applications and licenses to purchase a pistol can be obtained by completing the application. This process can be completed in the lobby of the Department of Public Safety (Police Department) 24 hours a day. No appointment is necessary. There is no fee for the process.

Concealed Weapon Licenses
Applications and renewal for carrying a concealed weapon can be picked up at the Grosse Pointe Farms Public Safety Department (Police Department). Completed applications will then be taken by the applicant to the Coleman A Young Municipal Building located at 2 Woodward Ave. The applicant will be fingerprinted at that time by the Wayne County Sheriff's Department.

Accident and Police Reports
Copies of accident reports can be obtained by going to Copies of other types of police reports are obtained from the Records Department, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.The cost is $5 for initial report and $1 per additional page. Ext. 1248.

Bicycle Licenses
Bicycle licenses help police return stolen or lost bicycles. They can be purchased at the Police Department desk for $2.00

Group Facility, Apparatus and Equipment Tours
Contact Traffic Safety Officer Steve Puckett to arrange a tour time and date. (313) 885-2100. Ext 1247.

Speakers Bureau
Need a speaker for special event or meeting? Contact Director Daniel V. Jensen to arrange a date, time and topic. The Director will then secure a member of the department to fit the topic. (313) 885-2100.

Block Parties
To arrange for a neighborhood block party and road closure, contact the Public Safety Department Administrative assistant, Kristen Bigham, Ext. 1201, for rules.

Personal Residential Vehicle Speed Studies
To analyze vehicle's speeds on your own and on your own block, contact Traffic Bureau Officer Frank Zielinski. Frank will provide you with a radar gun; the required training and forms - help us to help you. (313) 885-2100, Ext. 1015.

Emergency Support Unit
Looking for membership in an organization which gives back to our community, contact Liaison Officer, Detective John Walko. The unit provides crowd and traffic control assistance at special events, crime scenes and fire scenes. The unit meets and trains monthly. (313) 885-2100, Ext. 1212.

State Salvage Vehicle Inspections
The Public Safety department is one of a very few police agencies in the tri-county area to provide salvage vehicle inspections. To arrange for an appointment and obtain cost information, contact Public Safety Officer Geoffrey McQueen at (313) 885-2100, Ext. 1018.

Implementation of Convenience Parking Restrictions (75% Resident Concurrency Policy)
Since 1972, the Public Safety Department with the concurrence of the Grosse Pointe Farms City Council has implemented a quality of residential living policy, which when public safety is not a factor, permits residents to implement or remove parking restrictions (e.g., no parking, no parking 4 AM to 8 AM, etc., on one or both sides of any given block), when 75% of the affected area residents concur. The 75% factor is established by counting residences (not residents), on both sides of any given block and includes corner homes, regardless of the block they face.