Birth & Death Certificates

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NOTICE: Effective May 1, 2017, the Wayne County Clerk's Office will be the local registrar for all Grosse Pointe Farms' birth and death records.

Birth Certificate Request Form (PDF)

Death Certicate Request Form (PDF)

Q. How do I correct or change a record?
The Michigan Department of Community Health Vital Records Office must make any correction or change to a Michigan birth or death record. The Grosse Pointe Farms' City Clerk's Office is unable to make changes to a vital record. If you need an application for a correction or change call (517) 335-8660 or visit the State website at 

Q. How do I obtain death records?
Death Certificates are public record. If someone died at Cottage Hospital or within the City limits, the record should be available. You can request a death certificate at the Treasurer Department.  The first copy is $17 any addition copy is $5.  

Q. It is urgent that I obtain a record. What should I do?
The City of Grosse Pointe Farms does not offer expedited or overnight delivery services for birth or death record requests. If a birth or death record request is urgent, the State of Michigan Vital Records Office offers expedited service for mail and walk-in customers for a fee. The State of Michigan also offers Federal Express (1-2 next business day delivery) available within the Continental U.S. for an additional fee. This service is only available for online credit card ordering through the State website

Q. Where are original birth and death records maintained?
The State of Michigan Vital Records Office maintains all original birth and death records. As an additional source, vital records can be requested through the State office by mail, office walk-in or online at State of Michigan Vital Records Office lobby hours: 8 am - 5 pm.

Mailing address: Vital Records Request, PO Box 30721, Lansing, MI 48909. 

Q. Who is eligible to order a certified copy of a birth certificate?
1. Person named on the record 15 years old and older 
2. Parent(s) named on the active record 
3. Court of competent jurisdiction 
4. Legal representative of person named on record 
5. An individual or agency that has full guardianship 
6. Heir of deceased person named on record 
7. State or federal agency 

Q. Who is not eligible to order a certified copy of a birth certificate?
1. Power of Attorney 
2. Individuals with Custody 
3. Agencies without Court Order 
4. Spouse 
5. Children of Registrant 
6. Siblings 

  • The request form must completed and submitted by mail, or in person, to the City Clerk's office. 
  • Applicants must show photo identification when applying in person. No exceptions will be made to this policy. 
  • Applicants must send a copy of photo identification when submitting a request by mail. 
  • All fee requirements and the city's mailing address are listed at the top of the printable form. 

Please Note: Acceptable forms of payment are personal checks or money orders made payable to the City of Grosse Pointe Farms. Cash should be used for walk-in payments only and not sent through the mail.