Beautification Advisory Commission

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Beautification Commission Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2013 | Beautification Advisory Commission

Present on Roll Call: Karen Shea, Alec Buchanan, Anne Burke, Elizabeth Cleland, Claudine Fets, Andy Llewellyn.

Also Present: Shane L. Reeside, City Manager; Monica Irelan, Assistant City Manager; Councilman Lev Wood; Pamela J. Baker, Exec. Assistant/Deputy City Clerk.

Chairman Shea presided at the Meeting.


The Minutes of October 16, 2012 were approved as submitted.


The following introduction and announcements were made by outgoing Chairman Karen Shea:
• Karen introduce John Pizzo of 467 Moran, as a possible proposed new Member and gave him a brief description of the purpose of the Commission and what the members do to help maintain the beauty of the City.
• Karen distributed the Certificates of Appreciation to Beautification Members who were present at the Meeting. Pam will mail to those not in attendance.
• The Beautification Council of Southeastern Michigan’s Spring Quarterly Meeting & Luncheon will be held in Chesterfield Township on March 21, 2013. Please advise if you wish to attend.
• Dues must be paid for the Beautification Council of Southeastern Michigan.
• Karen asked if anyone was interested in taking over the position of Chairperson of the Beautification. At this time there was no interest from the Members. Councilman Lev Wood offered to be Acting Chairperson of the Beautification Advisory Commission until such time as a member would consider assuming the duties of Chair.
• Alec Buchanan agreed to his re-appointment for another three-year term.
• Karen opened discussion regarding the recruitment of new members by the Commission. Pam will send, via email, a “Potential Beautification Advisory Commission Member” form to each member. Also, Linda Pobocik-Insisiengmay of 294 Ridgemont, expressed her interest in being on the Commission. Karen invited Linda to attend the March meeting as a proposed member.
• Lev Wood opened discussion about recruiting new members via the updated Beautification Award Winners list and requested that Monica draft a letter to those winners from 2006 to present.
• Lynn Gross new email address is:
• Karen discussed the possibility of increasing the Commission’s $5,000.00 budget. Shane to look into the matter and advise.
• A discussion ensued regarding new Christmas decoration. Claudine will forward Minutes of Meeting to Shane and he will bring in samples before ordering any lights. It was the consensus to keep a more traditional look, staying consistent. Placement of lights could be a Mack/Moross entranceway, Joy Bells, City Hall. This item will be placed on the March Agenda.

Andy thanked all who helped put together another successful DPW Luncheon.

• Shane introduced Assistant City Manager Monica Irelan who is active in the City’s Communication Committee along with Councilmembers Lev Wood and Marty West. The new City website will allow registration on line for Pier Park Activities, Look-up for water bills, SEV’s, and the ability to pay bills on line. Monica has also set up a Facebook Page, Twitter and Flicker for the City, and will be leading the February Special Election.
• Shane reported that the League of Women Voter’s will host a Candidate Question & Answer evening for the City Council Candidates Joe Ricci and Liz Vogel on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. The Special Election will be held on February 26, 2013.
• Shane is willing to give the Commission a Power Pointe Presentation of the Mack Avenue strategy and implementation plan by Grissim/Metz to enhance areas. Claudine Fets also recommended trees for Spring 2013 in front of JoAnn’s Fabrics.

• Councilman Wood brought the Commission up to date on the accretion on Lake Shore. In the spring the city is going to do a control burn of the fragmites and then again in the fall. Councilman Wood thought perhaps the Commission Members would be interested in attending the control burn.
• Lev also suggested that the Members consider holding a Beautification Meeting in April or May at the Farms Water/Filtration Plant or the Pump Station. The Water Plant is a great building and public facility.


The Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Pamela J. Baker
Executive Assistant/Deputy City Clerk

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