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City Council Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2017 | City Council Minutes




350 Lakeshore Road March 13, 2017 7:00 pm

A regularly scheduled meeting of the City Council for the City of Grosse Pointe Farms was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Monda y, March 13, 2017, by Mayor James Farquhar, at 350 Lakeshore Road, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan.

Present: Mayor James Farquhar, Councilmembers John J. Gillooly, Louis Theros, Joe Ricci, Peter Waldmeir, and Mayor Pro Tem Lev Wood.

Absent: Councilmember Therese Joseph

Also Present: Messrs; Shane L. Reeside, City Manager; Derrick Kozicki, City Clerk/Assistant City Manager; Director of Public Safety; John Hutchins, Deputy Director of Public Safety; Terry Brennan, Public Services Director; John Jackson, City Planner; and William Burgess, City Attorney.

Mayor Farquhar led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Council considered approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting and Closed Session Meeting held February 6, 2017.

Farquhar moved to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting and Closed Session Meeting held February 6, 2017. Motion carried unanimously.

Council considered a request for final site plan review and approval for 360 Moselle Place, also known as the Tennis House (Parcel Number: 38-006-99-0002-000).

The following Exhibits were provided to Council as supporting documents: A) Memo from Terry Brennan, Public Service Director entitled, “360 Moselle Place, Tennis House Project, Final Site Plan Review;” B) Letter from John Jackson, City Planner entitled, “Tennis House Final Site Plan Review;” C) Letter from Edward Zmich, City Engineer, “Tennis House at 360 Moselle Place Engineering Plan Review No.3 Grosse Pointe Farms, MI;” and D) The Final Site Plan Approval Package Entitled, “The Tennis House, 360 Moselle Place, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, an Adaptive-Reuse Development Project.”

Matt Kornmeier, Director of Property Management for ANK Enterprises (the applicant) gave a presentation of the final site plan (Exhibit D) to Council regarding the proposed development.

Theros asked the developer what the height of the one-half story detached condominium was to the peak.

Alex Bogaerts, architect for Alexander V. Bogaerts & Associates, P.C, stated that the roof peak height of the one-half story detached condominium would be 24 feet.

Theros referenced the lighting plan and asked if it was necessary for the development to feature two brick columns at the entrance.

Kornmeir stated that the columns will be landscaped and serve the purpose of announcing your entering the neighborhood.

Shannon Mohr, landscape architect for Zaremba and Company, added that the columns are considered an ornamental gesture.

Waldmeir asked what the profile of the columns were.

Shannon Moore, stated that the columns were made from the same brick as the buildings and would be 6 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

Farquhar asked if the developer planned on adding a gate at the entrance.

Public Services Director, Terry Brennan stated that the plans do not call for a gate and that any gate would require separate Council approval.

Theros asked how tall the columns are at Cloverly Street and Grosse Pointe Boulevard.

Kornmeier said he would measure those at a later date before construction.

Waldmeir added that the columns will go in last and that the developer should consult with Administration before they are installed.

Theros asked if all of the units of the development meet the minimum setback requirement.

Kornmeier stated that all of the setbacks meet the requirements of the Planned Unit Development.

Wood asked the developer if the parking spaces would be wide enough at 9 feet inside the Tennis House building.

Kornmeier said that the 9 foot space is standard and is large enough for a sports utility vehicle or full size sedan.

Wood asked the developer if they would be able to increase the size of the tree plantings from 2.5-3.5 inches in diameter to 3.0-3.5 inches in diameter.

Kornmeier responded to the request by saying he would consider upsizing the trees if it wasn’t cost prohibitive.

Wood asked if the storm water would be pre-treated before it left the site and who would be responsible for cleaning out the drain.

Paul Tulikangas, Project Engineer said the water will be collect on the southwest corner of the property where it enters the combined sewer system at Chalfonte Avenue. The home owners association would be responsible for cleaning out the drain in accordance with the maintenance agreement.

Farquhar asked Public Services Director, Terry Brennan about the fire suppression requirements of the Tennis House.

Public Services Director Brennan stated that the fire suppression system requirements would be determined during construction review.

Ricci asked the developer if the homes had basements.

Kornmeier stated that the detached homes would have basements.

Gillooly inquired if the developer had an agreement to allow parking at the First Church of Christ, Scientist located at 282 Chalfonte during construction.

Kornmeier responded by saying they have an agreement that allows access during construction except on Sundays.

Gillooly asked if the developer had made arrangements for rubbish collection and recycling.

Kornmeier said that there would be an onsite trash room instead of an outside dumpster in the Tennis House.

Waldmeir asked where the water main would be looped.

Terry Brennan stated that the water main would be looped from Moselle Place to Chalfonte Avenue and the developer will bear the cost of the main located on the property.

Reeside added the estimated cost will be $100,000.00 for the developer and $80,000.00 for the City subject to the bids received for the project.

Waldmeir asked if the final site plan approval included the water main.

Reeside responded that the water main is contingent on final site plan approval.

Waldmeir asked if room density was an issue with the development.

Chip Berschback, Attorney for the applicant responded that the room density issue was addressed in the preliminary site plan approval.

Waldmeir asked City Attorney Burgess if all of the documents and agreements related to the final site plan approval of the Tennis House.

City Attorney Burgess stated that he has reviewed and approved the documents except for the Master Deed which will need to be recorded in the Wayne County Registrar.

Waldmeir asked the developer if ingress and egress is covered in the temporary agreement with the Church.

Kornmeier responded that ingress and egress was covered in the agreement.

Waldmeir asked what the construction schedule was for the project.

Kornmeier stated that the anticipated schedule was May 2017 through February 2018 and that the agreement with the Church included a rolling date.

Farquhar opened the Public Hearing at 8:00pm.

Suzanne O’Brien, 352 Moselle Place, asked if the developer if they had conducted a survey of the property.

Kornmeier stated the survey has been conducted and staked with pink flags.

Diane McCormick, 366 Belanger, asked if there will be the developer will coordinate the construction schedule with DTE Energy who is conducting a city-wide gas main replacement program.

Suzanne O’Brien, 352 Moselle Place, asked if rentals would be allowed.

Kornmeier responded that rentals would not be allowed.

Farquhar closed the Public Hearing at 8:18pm.

City Attorney Burges informed City Council that final site plan approval would require five of the seven Members to vote in the affirmative.

Waldmeir motioned, Theros seconded to approve the final site plan for 360 Moselle (a.k.a. The Tennis House) subject to the following modifications to or exceptions from Ordinance standards that are outlined in detail in the supporting documents:

1. Grant an exception for a shortfall of two required parking spaces since twenty-four are required.
2. Grant an exception that the width of the parking aisle can be modified twenty four (24) feet in width.
3. Grant an exception to replace more than three trees per the submitted landscape plans.
4. The entrance piers or columns are subject to Council review and approval.
5. The Master Deed must be reviewed by the City Attorney and conform to the PUD Ordinance.
6. The development will feature a form of pretreatment of storm water.
7. The applicant will bear the cost of their portion of the looped water main construction.
8. The trash collection site is to be housed inside the Tennis House building and that all trash will be privately collected in accordance with the maintenance agreement.
9. The form and amount of the bond shall be determined by Director of Public Service Director.

YES: Wood, Gillooly, Farquhar, Theros, Ricci, Waldmeir. NO: None ABSENT: Joseph. Motion carried.

Council considered the following six items on the Consent Agenda.

a. Consideration of Council Committee appointments.
b. Consideration of a recommendation from Councilman Lev Wood for Council to appoint Michael Brown of 61 Moross Road to the Beautification Advisory Commission.
c. Resolution Approving PY 2017 CDBG Application.
d. Consideration of a request from Terry Brennan, Public Services Director to purchase a replacement pickup truck for the Department of Public Works.
e. Consideration of a recommendation from the Parks and Harbor Committee for Council to approve the use of the Dog Park by the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society.
f. Consideration of a request from Administration to extend a service agreement with Plante Moran.

Theros motioned, Waldmeir seconded to approve the consent agenda. Motion carried unanimously.

Council received the Public Safety Report for March 2016 and it was ordered placed on file.

City Manager provided Council with an update related to the recent DTE power outage that effected parts of the City.

Mayor Farquhar adjourned the meeting at 8:27 p.m.

____________________________ _____________________________
Derrick Kozicki, City Clerk Mayor James Farquhar, Mayor

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