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Municipal Court Online Payment Options
The Court now accepts payment of fines and costs using credit card through the Government Payment EXP (GovPayEXP). There is EITHER an additional Internet service fee of 3.5% (minimum $3.50) and an Internet Handling Fee of $0.50 OR a Phone Service Fee of 5% (Minimum $5.00) and Phone Handling Fee ($1.00).

Downloadable PDF Forms
To download, read and/or print these documents on your computer, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click here to download.

Summons and Complaint (PDF)

Summons and Complaint (second page) (PDF)

Motion and Affidavit to Set Aside Default (PDF)

Answer, Civil (PDF)

Judgment, Civil (PDF)

Default Request, Affidavit, and Entry (PDF)

Default Request, Affidavit, Entry, and Judgment (Sum Certain) (PDF)

Dismissal (PDF)

Plea by Mail (PDF)

Appearance (PDF)

Writ of Habeas Corpus (PDF)

Advice of Rights and Plea Information (English Version) (for arrests on or after 10/1/03) (PDF)

Summons, Landlord-Tenant/Land Contract (PDF)

Complaint, Non Payment of Rent, Landlord-Tenant (PDF)

Complaint to Recover Possession of Property (PDF)

Demand for Possession, Non-Payment of Rent, Landlord-Tenant (PDF)

Application and Order of Eviction, Landlord-Tenant/Land Contract (PDF)

Answer, Non-Payment of Rent (PDF)

Answer to Complaint to Recover Possession of Property (PDF)

Notice to Quit to Recover Possession of Property (PDF)

Motion To Set Aside Default Judgment And Order, Civil Infraction (PDF)

Certification of Satisfied Judgment (PDF)

Subpoena, Order to Appear and/or Produce (PDF)

SCAO-Approved Court Forms