City of Grosse Pointe Farms


The primary purpose of the Treasury Department is to collect, deposit and report all revenue received by the City on a daily basis.

The mission of the Treasury Department is to provide friendly, accurate and efficient services to the City's residents.  The Treasury Department is often the first point of contact at City Hall and we strive to make those customer experiences positive and dependable.

The primary services performed by the Treasury Department include processing customer payments, producing property tax bills, issuing dog licenses, and providing general customer assistance with a wide range of City services.

Processing customer payments

  • Pay online, by mail, using the City Hall drop box, or in-person at the Treasury Counter
  • Payment for current year tax and water bills
  • Payment for building permits and inspection fees
  • Payment for parking permits and other accounts receivable
  • Payment for dog licenses and dog park applications
  • Payment for recycling bins, special refuse collection and other miscellaneous items
Property tax bills

  • Prepare and issue property tax bills for summer and winter millage levies
  • Collect taxes on behalf of other agencies and remit tax receipts to those agencies (Wayne County, schools, etc.)
  • Balance tax rolls and transfer unpaid, delinquent accounts to Wayne County for collection
Dog Owner Services

  • Issue annual dog licenses
  • Process dog park applications and issue key fobs for park entrance