City of Grosse Pointe Farms

Rubbish Collection

To report a missed rubbish or yard waste collection on your scheduled day, please email

Rubbish must be placed at the curb for collection no later than 7 a.m. on collection day and no earlier than 5 p.m. the day before collection. The City will only pickup trash cans that are under 32 gallons in capacity and 50 pounds in weight. Trash bags must be under 50 pounds in weight.

If you prefer, Grosse Pointe Farms also provides rear-yard pickup of household waste. Household waste must be left in an accessible area of the rear yard for pickup. Vehicles must not block driveways for rear-yard collections.

Note: Rear-yard pickup is not available for yard waste, recyclables, large amounts, heavy items or items too large to fit in Cushman vehicles.

To determine when collection day is at your house, refer to the rubbish collection route by street below.

When rubbish collection falls on a holiday, collection may be delayed one day (i.e., if a holiday falls on a Monday, Monday collection will be on Tuesday; Tuesday collection on Wednesday, etc.; and Friday collection will be on Saturday).

Holidays that may delay rubbish collection by one day are New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Routes By Street

Allard Friday
Baker Lane Monday
Barclay Friday
Beacon Hill Thursday
Beaupre Lane Thursday
Beaupre Road 33-47 Wed; 225-247 Tue; 265-343 Thurs
Belanger 309-376 Thursday; 401-480 Friday
Berkshire Place Monday
Beverly Road Monday
Bournemouth Friday
Briarwood Monday
Calvin Friday
Cambridge Thursday
Carmel Lane Monday
Carrington Monday
Carver Monday
Chalfonte 210 Tuesday; 288-339 Thurs; All others Fri
Champine Friday
Charlevoix 27-163 Wed; 192-254 Tue; 282 Thurs
Cherryhurst Monday
Christine Monday
Cloverly 403-480 Friday; All others Tuesday
Colonial Court Friday
Country Club Drive Monday
Country Club Lane Monday
Dean Lane Wednesday
Deming Lane Monday
DePetris Way Monday
Dyar Lane Monday
Earl Court Monday
Edgemere  Monday
Elizabeth Friday
Elm Court Monday
Fair Acres Monday
Fisher Road  Wednesday
Forsythe Lane Monday
Grosse Pointe Blvd   76-286 Even #'s Monday; 279-339 Thursday; 51-159 Odd #'s Wednesday;           193-231 Odd #'s Tuesday
Hall Place Wednesday
Hamilton Court Thursday
Handy Road Wednesday
Harbor Court Monday
Harbor Hill Monday
Hendrie Lane Monday
Higbie Court Monday
Hillcrest Thursday
Hillcrest Lane Thursday
Irvine Lane Monday
Kenwood Road Wednesday
Kenwood Court Tuesday
Kerby Court Monday
Kerby Road 54-479 Thursday; 30-44 Monday
Kerby Lane Thursday
Kercheval 150 Wednesday; 195-201 Tuesday; 274-344 Thursday; 366-487 Monday
LaBelle Friday
Lakecrest Lane Monday
Lakeshore Road Monday
Lakeview Monday
LaSelle Thursday
Lee Gate Monday
Lexington Friday
Lewiston Wednesday
Lothrop  404-440 Friday; 61-340 Tuesday
Mack Avenue 19520-19512-19300 Friday; All others Tuesday and Friday
Madison Friday
Maison Friday
Manor Friday
Mapleton Wednesday
Mary Monday
McKinley Ave 401-478 Friday; All others Wednesday
McKinley Place Monday
McMillan Wednesday
Meadow Lane Wednesday
Merriweather Tuesday
Mirabeau Place Thursday
Moran 401-473 Friday; All others Tuesday
Moross Road Monday
Moselle Place    Thursday
Mt. Vernon 404-428 Friday; All others Tuesday
Muskoka Thursday
Muir Wednesday
Newberry Monday
Oldbrook Thursday
Orchard Lane Monday
Piche Thursday
Pine Court Monday
Preston Place  Monday
Provencal Monday
Radnor Circle Wednesday
Reno Thursday
Ridge Road 174-239 Tuesday; 63-166 Wednesday; 257-345 Thursday
Ridgemont Thursday
Roland Friday
Rose Terrace Monday
Scherer Place Monday
Shelbourne Road Friday
Stanton Lane Wednesday
Stephens Road Tuesday
Sunset Lane Monday
Touraine  403-482 Friday; All others Thursday
Tonnancour Monday
Vendome Court Thursday
Vendome Road Thursday
Vincennes Place Thursday
Voltaire Thursday
Warner Monday
Waverly Monday
Webster Friday
Westwind Lane Monday
Windemere Place Monday
Winthrop Place Monday
Williams 234-248 Tuesday; 265-341 Thursday
Willow Lane Monday
Whitcomb Monday
Windward Monday