City of Grosse Pointe Farms

Public Safety Retirement System Board

The Public Safety Retirement Commission is an independent board that serves as the fiduciary of retirement system's assets. The City and member contributions are received and the benefits are paid directly out of the Retirement System's provisions. The Public Safety Retirement Commission  consist of two City Council representatives, two employees and a Citizen member.

Vacancies: 0
Board Size: 2 (Council Representatives) 1 (Citizen Representative) 2 (Employee Representatives)
Term Length:  2 years (Citizen and Employee Representative) and  1 year(Council Representative) 
Term Limit: N/A

Title First Name Last Name Current Term
 Council Representative Lev  Wood January  2022-December 2022
 Employee Representative Bryan Ford June 2021-May 2023
 Citizen Representative Conrad Koski June 2021-May 2023
 Employee Representative Derek Lazarski June 2021-May 2023
 Council Representative Joe Ricci January  2022-December 2022