City of Grosse Pointe Farms

Dog License Registration


If your dog’s vaccinations expired after March 1, 2020 and you have been unable to visit your veterinarian due to the COVID-19 crisis, you may still renew your dog license and dog park pass at this time to avoid any late fees. Please write “COVID-19 DELAY” on your application. We will note that on your account and ask you to provide a copy of the vaccination certificate to the City within 60 days of the end of the Executive Order. Thank you for your continued diligence in keeping our pets safe and healthy.

Dog License and Dog Park Pass renewal notices have gone out in the mail. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the due date has been extended to May 31, 2020 with a late date of June 1, 2020.

  • Dog License Renewal on or before May 31, 2020 - $10.00
  • Dog License Renewal after May 31, 2020 - $14.00
  • Dog Park Pass - $20.00
  • New Dog License - $10.00

Payment can be made by check (payable to the City of Grosse Pointe Farms) using the white drop box in the parking lot at City Hall, 90 Kerby Road. Payment can also be made online here with no convenience fee if paying by e-check ($2 credit card fee). To access your dog’s information, you can visit this link