City of Grosse Pointe Farms

Yard Waste Rules

The Grosse Pointes and many other communities in Michigan have taken steps to reduce the waste stream by undertaking composting and recycling programs.

Your cooperation is required if we are to succeed in this endeavor. You can be even more helpful by using a mulching lawn mower and/or composting yard waste in your backyard.

Please follow the yard waste procedures below:

  1. Yard waste (grass clippings, garden waste and leaves) must be separated from regular household rubbish and placed AT THE CURB on regular rubbish pick-up days by 7am. Separate yard waste collection begins in April and continues through the summer and into the fall. Pickups end around November, depending on the growing season.
  2. Yard waste must be in paper biodegradable bags or a 32 gallon container with a yard waste sticker. Bags are available at local hardware stores. No loose materials.
  3. A different truck picks up yard waste, so don't be concerned if the regular rubbish crew departs without collecting your yard waste.
  4. Residents are required to cut brush and limbs in 4-foot lengths with a maximum of 6 inches of diameter and tie them in bundles which can be lifted by one person. Please remember that landscape contractors must remove their own debris.
  5. Separate procedures apply during leaf collection season to allow curbside leaf collection. Look for your fall informative bulletin for details.
The above procedures enable the Department of Public Works to provide separate yard waste collection with the least amount of disruption to normal waste removal procedures and with minimal personnel and equipment costs. Although the City tries to accomplish yard waste collection within the regular work week schedule, some Saturday collections may be required during peak season.